Fees and Contract

I work under the BACP Ethical Framework

As part of the service I offer, I believe it is important to have an agreement between counsellor and client. Please find these through the links below:

Counselling Contract                                                                                                                  

 supervision contract

Anxieties about Attending


It can be daunting to attend to your first counselling session, but I would like to encourage you to do so anyway if it feels like the right thing to do. Sometimes the first step is the hardest, but you will find it is worth it to go through it. Once in the room, we can take things at your own pace, without judgement or pressure whatsoever. After all, it is your treatment and we are going be kind, compassionate, empathic and understanding all the way through. You set the pace and also, you decide when to end.



Students: £30

Individuals: £40

Couples: £50

Fees will change at my discretion, with two months notice to current clients.

Length of sessions and treatment


Sessions are 50 minutes long. Length of treatment can be short-term, time-limited, or open-ended, depending on your needs.

Late cancellation/Did not attend


Cancellations should be made with at least 24 hours notice, otherwise I will need to charge for the missed session. If you choose to not attend your session without cancelling, that session will also be charged at the regular rate.

Personal Safety and ability to engage with therapy


To ensure the safety of all parties involved, any harm to yourself, myself, others, or children being involved will be disclosed further. This is the only time that confidentiality might be breached. If a client comes into the counselling room under the influence of drugs or alcohol, I might need to stop the therapy and offer a session the following week, when the client is no longer intoxicated. I don’t believe any fruitful work will be done whilst under the influence of any substance, as it inhibits the ability to engage with the therapeutic process.

Confidentiality and Record Keeping


Everything discussed in the counselling room is confidential. For professional reasons, I will be keeping notes, which will remain with my person at all times.