How I work – the counselling process

Counse20160926_184019lling involves a way of relating in the room that might be a bit different from other relationships. The topics of conversation are about my client(s), and it’s about helping my client(s) make sense of what brings them to see me in the first place. Few personal information about myself will be disclosed. I believe this is important as part of the therapeutic process, and helps us focus on what is really important: my client(s)’ distress and how to help them go through it and to a better place in life.

Due to the nature of the topics discussed, I believe the first few sessions should be used as a way of establishing a safe and confidential environment for my client(s) to feel comfortable to disclose personal information that they might be struggling with. Once an environment of safety and trust is established, we can continue with the focus of our work, which is guided by my client(s)’ discourse, and by my interventions whenever I find something that might link us to the origin of the problem, so we can continue exploring and figuring out how to move forward with the new information being brought up throughout the therapeutic process.

It is important to note that it is an organic, ever-moving process, from the initial contact to the final session and even beyond that (the work that we do in the room will carry on even after our sessions have ended).

I work within the psychodynamic theoretical framework, in the way I think about the material presented, but as I’ve had training in other modalities, have the ability to grab on to that knowledge and use it to the best advantage of each one of my clients. My approach is individual and person-centred in the sense that I will treat each case as an individual, making sure that the person sitting in front of me gets the best treatment for their particular problem and situation they bring to the room.

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