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*** Let’s Get Life Back On Track ***

Hi, and Welcome to my Counselling and Supervision Website.

Sometimes life gets difficult and we struggle with things that used to be easy for us.

If you’ve reached this point, and you are looking at my page, you’ve probably thought that it’s a good idea to get some help to get your life back on track.

I offer an empathetic , non-judgmental, caring environment in which to explore life’s problems and find a way to move forward in life.

Together in the counselling room we can find a way to gain insights about your current distress and deal with it in a patient and timely fashion, taking our time to understand what has brought you here now.

Do have a browse through the menus below for more about me, how I work, and the counselling services I offer.

*** I offer Supervision for qualified counsellors and psychotherapists *** Find out more here.

While you decide to book your first session, which is a big step in itself, why don’t you have a read through some of my blog posts about what to expect on your first therapy session:

*** HABLO ESPAƑOL *** This blog post is all about the importance of having therapy in your first language. // Este blog post habla acerca de la importancia de recibir terapia en tu primer idioma (puedes traducirlo facilmente haciendo click derecho y presionando “traducir”)

It is important to keep accountable, especially in the type of work that I do.

It is for that reason that I belong to a membership body, which provides an ethical framework and high practice standards, so all my clients, supervisees, and people that access my other services, know that I am working in their best interest, and have companies behind me doing exactly the same thing.

I am also currently completing a course to keep your data safe, which is an important aspect in keeping data confidential and therefore keeping our therapeutic relationship intact.

For my PSA registration details, click the BACP logo.

BACP Accredited , Registered Therapist

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I also offer other services and products to help improve your life and relationships, which you can find in my Directory of Services link, where you can also find my social media profiles.

Karin Brauner