About Me


Let me tell you a bit about myself…

I was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala, where I lived for the first 25 years of my life.

As you can probably tell by my name, it sounds very German!

I am the descendant of a German great-grandfather who moved to Guatemala in the early 1900’s. So I have influence of both Latin American and German styles of thinking, feeling and being (you will see what I mean when you meet me and spend some time with me!).

The German/European influence is probably what brought me back to Europe in 2006. I have lived in the South of England, in many towns, doing many jobs, since then.

I am now settled  in Brighton and Hove, which I love – I have access to the countryside, the city, the sea, and a melting pot of cultures and activities.

This is where I have started my journey into Counselling Private Practice, as well as delving deeper into my love of languages and teaching – Spanish, English, Psychology, Counselling/Psychotherapy. 

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I’ve enjoyed volunteering and getting experience, knowledge and honing my skills for doing this amazingly rewarding work!

It is such an honour to be allowed into people’s worlds and be there for the realisations – sometimes good, sometimes not so good – about themselves, their upbringing, their experiences, and see lasting change happen – gradually – so they can continue a happier, healthier life, with a more robust approach to challenges and whatever else life might bring.

I really enjoy everything that I do, and I never do anything or continue doing something that I don’t enjoy and might cause me unhappiness or frustration. Of course I will see it through to the end and complete what I’ve started.

I don’t think I will ever get unhappy or frustrated with Counselling or Teaching, or anything I’ve started as a self-employed person…there is always something new to learn from books, training, but more importantly from my clients themselves.

I hope this allowed you to get to know me a bit better…do contact me if you want to know more or are looking for a Counsellor, Supervisor, Spanish/English Teacher!

More on my Professional career: 

I have a private practice in Brighton and Hove and Online, working with Spanish and English speaking clients with a wide range of life difficulties.

My approach is psychodynamic at its base, but I adapt my therapeutic approach with each individual client, drawing from previous knowledge in cognitive, gestalt, person centred, and existential theories, as well as drawing from my experience of working with different cultures and different groups, including Asperger, autism, adults and older mental health clients.

I believe building good rapport and a good relationship with my clients will help both of us work together to gain insights and freedom from feelings that might be stuck in the past or left unprocessed or repressed.

Experienced in developing a therapeutic alliance with adults, young people and children in various counselling settings, both with private agencies and NHS placements, as well as gaining experience in open-ended and short-term counselling, and having experience of group and individual supervision. I have acquired over 1,000 hours of clinical practice between my counselling practice in Guatemala, both in private and public settings, and my practice in England.

I have also worked in other posts that have helped me develop good therapeutic alliances with young people as a Child Care Practitioner. This has added to the work experience gained in the voluntary and charity sectors, in Guatemala, as well as in the area of learning disabilities and autism in previous posts, where I have been involved in client assessments and person-centred training to staff and family members of the people under my care.

I am also passionate about teaching, which you can find on my tutoring and languages page.  I have experience in supporting students with their Psychology and Counselling/Psychotherapy studies, as well as in teaching Spanish and English in a variety of settings — classroom and one-to-one.

It is important to keep accountable, especially in the type of work that I do.

It is for that reason that I belong to a membership body, which provides an ethical framework and high practice standards, so all my clients, supervisees, and people that access my other services, know that I am working in their best interest, and have companies behind me doing exactly the same thing.

Over 17 years counselling experience in a variety of settings and life issues

Accredited Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)

B.A in Clinical Psychology and Counselling

PgDip in Therapeutic Psychodynamic Counselling

PG Cert in Clinical Supervision

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I am also currently completing a course to keep your data safe, which is an important aspect in keeping data confidential and therefore keeping our therapeutic relationship intact.

For my PSA registration details, click the BACP logo.