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Here is the link to my new blog I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy researching and writing them for you! Keep an eye out every monday starting 31st July 2017 Looking forward to your comments, likes, shares, retweets and emails! Karin

¿Por qué queremos ser perfectos, si podemos ser suficientemente buenos?

El mundo en que vivimos se ha convertido en un lugar en donde “o eres perfecto, o serás criticado.” Esto es algo muy difícil que pedir de cualquier persona, o de cualquier cosa. Como personas, fallaremos…como personas, caeremos…no siempre tendremos todas las respuestas, aun siendo expertos en algún área de conocimiento…y aun así, esperamos que todos actúan como si nunca fallaran, como si nunca caerán…como si siempre tuviéramos todas las respuestas… Photoshop, Facebook, y otros medios sociales y tecnológicas, pueden ayudar a algunos de nosotros a parecer “perfectos.” Pero en realidad ninguno lo somos. En efecto, puede que aun sean bellos/as,... Read More »

Why be perfect when you can be good-enough?

The world we live in has become a place of “be perfect or be judged”. That is a tough ask for anyone and anything. People will fail…people will stumble…people will not have ll the answers, even if they are experts in a certain topic… yet we expect everyone to perform as if they will never fail, stumble…as if they have all the answers… Photoshop, Facebook, and other social media apps and computer technologies, helps some people seem “perfect”–we only show our best side on these platforms, don’t we?But they/we  really aren’t perfect. Don’t get me wrong, They might still be beautiful,... Read More »

Going Through

“Going through” the counselling process   As counsellors, we are required to go through personal counselling whilst we train, and I would say it’s recommended to carry on after training is completed – there is always something to learn, some are to grow, blind spots to take care of. Therefore, we are no strangers to how painful “going through” the counselling process can be. Yes, in the end, looking back, it is worth every tear and every difficult moment we spend trying to figure out what is going on, why it’s going on, or what went on and why it went on,... Read More »

Do what you’re passionate about

So how did I end up being passionate about Counselling? Well, I was destined to be a medical doctor according to my father, bless him! So I gave that a try for two years, but I wasn’t loving it or being successful in it at all. Don’t get me wrong, I did learn lots and am thankful for those two years, they weren’t wasted at all! When I was making my decision to change career choice, I stumbled upon a Culture and Personality course, which led me to think that this might be the way. So I started my counselling career not... Read More »