Clinical Supervision

Hi! And welcome to my supervision page.

My first experiences of supervision have marked how I see this important aspect of our Private Practice.

I’ve had excellent supervisors in my B.A. in Guatemala – contemporary psychoanalytic for my work with adults, and cognitive-behavioural, behavioural, play therapy and psychometric testing for my work with young people and children.

My experiences of supervision in the UK have been varied, though mostly positive.

In all my years practising counselling and psychotherapy, I’ve learned to be assertive and “picky” when it comes to choosing my supervisors, and I encourage you to do the same.

The person you are working with should make you feel safe, comfortable and able to talk about the things you need to talk about – including possible mistakes or things you might have missed. This is what supervision is about!

My experience through the years of different supervisors, has allowed me to set a high standard of what I should be getting in my supervision, as well as what to offer my supervisees when they come for their sessions.

In the videos and blog posts below, you can read more about my supervision model and how I work.

Do send me any questions you might have, and I look forward to working with you as you grow in confidence when working on your private practice!




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Click here to watch videos of me  explaining my supervision model. 

Click here for videos on supervision points to keep in mind.

Online supervision Videos – how does it work?

You can also follow all of these on Youtube or on the link above.



Click here to read blog posts related to the videos!
Click here to read blog posts related to the videos!


Have a look at the diagram below to gain further understanding of my perspective of Supervision.

Below you can also find an explanation of the diagram.

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I’ve presented my model of supervision at on the 16th April 2019 – Click here to have a look at the presentation where I explained the models a bit more (find more in my blog posts through the links elsewhere on this page)


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