Consulting Services

Businesses, big or small, need some additional support at times.

Business owners might be experts in what they do, but might need some guidance when it comes to topics that aren’t necessarily related to theirs or any business.

Such things could be topics like

  • mental health
  • having effective, fair, inclusive and supportive conversations so issues are dealt with and don’t escalate unnecessarily
  • how to add value to your employee’s life therefore increasing their work satisfaction and investment in your business
  • the importance of having effective and regular supervision, no matter what the job role
  • dealing with employees and customers that are neurodiverse
  • dealing with emotions in the workplace, whether they are work related or have nothing to do with work
  • working on an ethic of self-care and ownership, responsibility and accountability

Through offering consultancy services, I get to support you right where you need it.

I come in with a fresh pair of eyes, and a support network behind me which means I’m not working alone, and will work to a high standard to get you where you and your staff need to get.

We can have a conversation about what your business is about and what you might need right now, to either get on top of a current or ongoing issue, or preventing a future issue by putting structures and boundaries in place before anything happens.

More soon…