Counselling For Students On Counselling and Psychotherapy Courses

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Having gone through the process of training myself, I know how important it is to find the right therapist to get you through the challenging but overall rewarding experiences that the counselling/psychotherapy student will encounter during their training.

I am also aware of the expenses of training, sometimes paying for supervision, as well as paying for therapy from approved therapists in our area.

It can be overwhelming to feel “raw”, exposed and vulnerable, constantly examined by self and others (in settings such as workshops, supervision and personal development groups), as well as feeling that we have every mental illness that we are studying!

It can also be a challenge to contain ourselves from trying to counsel everyone we know with the skills we are acquiring, which will pass in time…

Seeing clients for the first time can also be a challenge, and having counselling ourselves will help us develop the empathy and skills necessary to see things “from the client’s perspective” as well as to develop the abilities that will allow us to help effect positive and lasting effect in ourselves and our own clients.

Personal therapy therefore gives us insider’s knowledge as to what our client might be experiencing when they first meet us and what they might face as their therapeutic process moves forward with us as their therapist.

I encourage everyone that is studying or planning to study counselling to get personal therapy, as it has been extremely helpful to my personal development as well as my professional development and success with my clients.