Contract, Crisis Sheet, Privacy Policy

Hi, and welcome to my contracts page.


If you are a private client, please read the documents below and in addition fill in the client details form (you can send this electronically or bring it in to our first session).


Client Details Form

Crisis Information Sheet

Counselling Contract



*** My privacy policy applies to all clients. ***


For clients that I see through Employee Assistance Programmes.

Due to GDPR it is easier to have our communications via text to limit the amount of data I hold for you. The EAPs give me your details via telephone call (I then record your details in a password protected document and delete once our sessions have ended) or via a secure email system.

*** All the information you need from me can be found in this website. *** 

Of course you are free to email me from my website or directly to my email address.

Feel free to browse through the rest of my website for information and videos about me and how I work.

Please make sure you read the contract, privacy policy, and download the crisis information sheet for your records and in case you or someone you know are in crisis and need emergency services.

I look forward to working with you.


Crisis Information Sheet


Counselling Contract



Privacy policy



Contrato En Español



Pictorial Counselling Contract