Ideas To Reality

You have lots of knowledge and wisdom that the world needs to hear.

Ideas to reality sessions (either one-to-ones or the programmes or courses I’ll be launching in 2020) are here to provide clarity, remove confusion and guide you forward on your journey.

Let’s let the secret out and turn that knowledge into scalable, workable, relatable and communicable ideas that everyone can benefit from.

Let’s get you doing more of what you love!

I am positive that together we will get your ideas on track, and get them from A to where you want to Be.

Karin Brauner Counsellor


Fees: £60 per hour for individual sessions.

Areas I work with

Marketing mindset

Self-care and responsibility

Supervision awareness

Career direction

Neurodiversity awareness

Unlocking your emotion

Don’t see what you need here? Email me to check if I can help with that.

Read a little bit more about why I’ve created this service, and why I’m continuously adding to my offering in these areas

We all have dreams…we all have ideas that we want to bring into reality and see them flourish.

Sometimes life gets in the way. I get it, we might be too busy making ends meet, or we might have sudden or ongoing health issues that mean that time we spend on our businesses and building our empires might be better spent resting and recovering.

Yes, rest and recover. By all means! (check out my self-care section and you’ll know I’m big on that!)

I believe that working on what we love means we don’t actually “work”.

We might need to change our lifestyle or our mindset, or both, or neither. We might just need to sound off to someone that will help us get our ideas on paper and start seeing them develop.

This is why I’m here.

I’ve got years of experience getting myself to where I want to get, and feel that with my various trainings and roles in the past two decades, I’ve acquired the skills to help others get on that path that they’ve always dreamt of.

It might mean lots of work – emotional, psychological, financial, and more. It will be worth it in the end.

Trust the process. I certainly do!

In due course, I will be developing programmes with specific topics and things to discuss in each session, but for now, I can offer you my expertise right where I am.

I will meet you right where you are, doing my best to help you get what you need from me, but more importantly, from yourself, your life and career.

You can enquire about the following:

Career direction

Marketing mindset

Unlocking your emotions

Supervision awareness

Self-care and responsibility

neurodiversity awareness

If you have anything else that you’d like to see me supporting you or others with, don’t hesitate to write to me and let me know.

Just like everyone else, I’m also a work in progress, and might miss things or benefit greatly from what you have to say.