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Is the law really working for those with learning disabilities?

Disability and Society: How have things changed?

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Don’t give up the day job (Private Practice, Autumn 2015)

Talking Point: My Ideal Supervisor (Therapy Today, November 2017)

Book Review (December 2017): Advances in Contemporary Psychoanalytic Field Theory: concept and future development, S Montana Katz, Roosevelt Cassorla, Giuseppe Civitarese

I’ve written other book reviews for The Private Practice Magazine, which I have in hard copy.

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From perfectionism to being happy being “good enough”

Healing takes place in the creative space of the therapeutic relationship

Counselling can help you look after yourself and your mental health

Increasing self-esteem in young people and children

Ways in which supervision is important (part 1)

Self-care: 10 tips to develop deeper and more meaningful self-care habits

Couples therapy: communication and responsibility

5 tips to look after your mental health this Christmas

5 rights that need to be respected in our personal and professional relationships

The benefits of sleep on your mental health

“Going Through” the Counselling Process

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Boundaries Without Guilt – Striking the Right Balance in Life


Is Supervision Therapy?

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Resident Blogger @ Chat2Us – Intro Post

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