Psychodynamic Theoretical Approach

The psychodynamic approach is based on the premise that the unconscious exists, and therefore all our behaviour and thoughts are motivated by its contents.

The patterns of behaviour and thinking that might be making life difficult, most likely stem from repeating patterns brought on by unconscious content that hasn’t been processed or dealt with.

Unprocessed material from our childhood and further years will keep affecting us in the same way as they originally happened (there’s no time in the unconscious), unless and until we sit down and stare them in the face, processing the emotions that we might have been unable to do when the incident first occurred, due to the early developmental stage we might have been in or any other obstacles that might have hindered the process, such as the degree of trauma.

In my practice, I back my work up by the founder of Psychoanalytic theory, Sigmund Freud, as well as more contemporary psychoanalysts and psychodynamic thinkers, such as Melanie Klein, Alfred Bion, Winnicott, Carl Jung, Jacques Lacan, amongst others.

I will also use other therapeutic theories when needed and when most helpful to my client(s) , such as Gestalt, Cognitive-Behavioural, Rational-Emotive, Play therapy, person-centred, amongst other approaches to counselling and psychotherapy.