Directory of Services

Hi! Welcome to my directory of services!

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Have a look around to find more about the products and services I have on offer, to help you get back on track, or start something new for your business!

please be patient as I migrate some of these pages to a new website! Some pages will remain as they are, I will post the link here as soon as I’ve transferred some of my website’s content.

Whether you are looking for my book, a blog post, my social media platforms or any other of my services, you’ll find them all in the links below!

I’ve divided the page into:

Social Media profiles

One to One sessions/lessons/meetings

Products and content creation

Group events

Partnerships and Collaborations

In this page you will find all about the following services:
Ideas to Reality Coaching

Content Creation 30min Calls

In this page you will find things related to:
Content Creation Services
Blog posts
Books I’ve written
Articles I’ve collaborated in

Working-Through Worksheets

In this page you will find information about group events, including:
Speaking Engagements
Follow-up services to get you really good at what you do
Consulting services
Workshop Immersions

Here you will find the businesses I’m working with and the magazines and blog sites I am writing blog posts for.


If I forgot to link something, do send me a message and I will fix it ASAP.