StoryBoard Videos on Supervision Topics

On Autonomy…

On Boundaries…

Containment and Holding in the Supervisory Relationship

Counselling can be isolating…this is how supervision can help with that

Supervision  focuses on the supervisee, just as therapy focuses on the client

Keeping clients safe

What does supervision mean?

Personal development

Supervision helps you keep practising to a safe standard

A space for reflective practice

A supervisor’s role is to gently challenge the supervisee

Supervision is a safe space to process and work through what happens in the therapy room

Supervision is a safe space to “vent”

Develop self-awareness

A way to self-care….

A place to develop the theoretical grounding for your work

What is effective supervision?

Support when working through tough times…

What to expect from supervision with me (part 1)

Helping people regain control of their lives through supervision

How can you use the supervision space?

Are you a counsellor or psychotherapist in training? About to graduate? Looking for a supervisor for your private practice? Then this video is for you!

Supervision: a space to re-energise after sessions

My supervision paradigm

Find out more about what supervision with me will be like…

What to expect from supervision with me (part 2)